Windows reinstallation cannot lead to a permanent data loss. Different data recovery software can be used to recover the lost files when reinstalling the windows. When you realize that your important files have been lost, stop using the hard disc immedietly.Do no install or unstall any of the programs. This will prevent overwriting.Overwritting of files can hamper the recovery process. The following are the solutions in recovering data after the reinstallation of windows:

1. MinTool Power Recovery-This is a solution which is concise and efficient. It is green software that is developed by the MiniTool Solution Ltd.. This can be used to recoverdocumentsi.e.videos-mails, images and audios from a hard disc.It is commonly use under windows server 2003/2008/2012, windows 7/8/10.It is functional and it is harmless to the operating system. Moreover, it has a small size.
In starting the process of data recovery, the following are the steps to follow;

  • After entering the software, several options are availed. Choose the damaged partition recovery to recover the data
  • When the software corresponds automatically with the to the partition information, two buttons will open up. You need to choose the scan partition and search the data
  • Power recovery will now list the data which has been found. You can now select the right files and clicks save.

2. Jihosoft file recovery. This will help in scanning the windows hard drive to retrieve the data. The data recovery program supports the windows 7,windows 8,windows 2003 and windows 2000.The following are the steps when recovering data which is lost when reinstalling the windows:

  • Downloading and installing the jihosoft file recovery software.
  • Launching the software and choosing the option of formatted file recovery.
  • Selecting the drive from where the data is to de recovered and click the start to scan option.
  • Previewing to check the files you want to recover and click the recover menu.

3. EaseUS hard drive recovery system-It can recover data from Raw partition. The steps of recovery are as follows;

  • Launching the EaseUs data recovery Wizard and select the type of files you need to recover, and then click the Next button menu.
  • Select the disc where you lost your data and click scan
  • After scanning, preview the recovered data and click recover to get them back. You can now save them in another disc.

A New Look at` Data Backup

It is not realistic to use tools of the 20th century to protect Data Recovery Miami that has been created by apps of the 21st century. This just won’t work! The saddest thing is, most companies today are doing exactly this, using similar Backup Processes Miami, products and options as they used a couple of years ago.


With the evolving technology, many companies are making changes in their hardware and software so that it can serve the new market trends. What most forget is, backup is still very necessary. A huge mistake that most make is that they are still using the same backup options, daily incremental and weekly fulls. As companies get deeper into huge data analysis and the Internet of Things, the situation will definitely get worse as more and more data starts to pile up. How do you ensure that your data is protected and that it will be available when you will need it?

On average, a company has about 1.4pb data stored on hard disks or cloud with larger companies having more than 4pb data stored. We can say for a fact that if any of this data needs to be backed up, then the backup options currently in place just will not do it. It is also not an easy process to swap to a backup option that is beefier. Maybe this is why most companies tend to hold on to the same backup software for so long. When you decide to make a change, it is mindboggling to decide whether to migrate your data to the new app or whether to leave it hoping that you will never have need for it. There are many backup options to choose from although not many of these will actually bring a change to approach to backup.

The main focus today is on ‘copy data management’ which focuses on keeping copies of data produced by backup apps and keeping these copies at a minimum. There is also the flat backup, which eliminates backups by use of taking of snapshots and replicating to a different system.

Clearly we need something that doesn’t use a backup app and doesn’t require production or replication of snapshots. Traditional backups have so many frustrations and shortcomings. An interesting observation is that Data Backup options lag, yet continuous data protection (CDP) adoption still lacking. What if this is the solution we need? CDP can be built almost at any point that has an API which can be easily tapped or any point where data will pass through.

Maybe it’s about time to give data backup a new look so that we will have a reason to celebrate during the next World Backup Day.

Stellar Data Recovery Software, Tools and Service

Data Recovery Services – Stellar Data Recovery is an eminent global technology company that delivers a broad range of data recovery software and products. Plus, the company also deals with data recovery services offering its labs in USA, Europe, and India. Its data recovery services are broadly classified as laptop & desktop recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, and encrypted data recovery.

1.Laptop & Desktop Recovery Services : Stellar offers an excellent data recovery service by restoring your files, databases, and documents from a dead desktop’s or laptop’s hard disk. Their data recovery professionals offer their service round-the-clock.

2.Server Recovery : Stellar uses the industry-best technology in order to bring back the lost assets stored on malicious platforms. They use various streamlined procedures to recover your lost server data pretty quickly.

3.RAID Recovery : RAID Recovery can easily recover your mission-critical data from any corrupt RAID system. They use proprietary technologies to rebuild the data loss from any kind of RAID layout, including RAID 0, RAID 5, and so on.

4.Encrypted Data Recovery : Stellar’s experienced data recovery specialists offer a customized solution in order to restore & decrypt your confidential business data without compromising the security.

Stellar Data Recovery: Data Recovery Software : Stellar offers a multitude of data recovery software for various platforms including both Mac and Windows. The most popular data recovery software (offered by Stellar) are briefly described below.

1.Stellar Phoenix For Windows Data Recovery (Professional) : This software is specially designed to work on any Windows platform in order to smoothly recover your seemingly lost documents, files, pictures, and more.

Features :

1.Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

2.Recovers data, documents, photos, partitions, and 300 more file types.

3.Recovers your files from corrupt or damaged optical media.

4.Recovers deleted emails in Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

2.Stellar Phoenix For Mac Data Recovery : This program offers a safe & accurate recovery of lost file, photos, documents, audio files, or videos which have been intentionally or accidentally deleted from HFS, FAT, ExFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ format based file systems.

Features :

1.Supports iMac, Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro.

2.Achieves a completely accurate data recovery on Mac OS X.

3.Facilitates successful RAW recovery from lost Mac volumes.

4.Supports machine backup

Stellar Data Recovery: Data Recovery Tools : Stellar’s Data Recovery Toolkit is a perfect combination of three dynamic yet efficient tools that recover deleted or lost data from any storage media. This toolkit supports an excellent data recovery from Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system.

Special Features :

1.Offers a lifetime license validity.

2.Supports recovery from multiple platforms.

3.Recovers over 185 file types.

Best File Recovery Software for Overwritten Files, Free or Paid

Data can be overwritten anytime. Recovering such files is not only expensive but also time consuming. There are many programs that can help you Recover overwritten files. But it is always advisable to go for the best. By so doing, you will get excellent results.

File Recovery Software for overwritten files are available in the market. Some are free while others are paid. Free softwares are those that you will not be charged anything when you download them. Paid softwares are those programs that you will be paying some amount of money on monthly or yearly basis depending on the pricing plan and subscription.

Testdisk is one of the most commonly used free programs. It helps you to recover overwritten files at no cost.When using this program, you are advised to clone the hard drive. This reduces future activities on the machine which can make more files to be overwritten.

Another program that has proved to be very effective in recovering overwitten files is Aidfile Recovery software. It is advantagious because it gives you multiple options for recovering files. It also allows you to determine the most desirable file so that you can recover it first.

Furthermore, Aidfile Recovery software has the exceptional ability to recover files depending on the file type in your computer. For example audio, video, graphics, email and more.

Moreover, it is easy to use. You simply select ‘’Recover partition button and then choose the hard drive that you want to recover files from.

Apart from Aidfile Recovery software, another best paid program that you can use to recover overwritten files is Ontrack EasyRecovery. It is however expensive.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, do not get stressed up when your files are overwritten. Simply choose from the above programs. Testdisk is free. Aidfile Recovery and Ontrack EasyRecovery Softwares are paid but will give you excellent results. They are worth the value of your money.