Windows reinstallation cannot lead to a permanent data loss. Different data recovery software can be used to recover the lost files when reinstalling the windows. When you realize that your important files have been lost, stop using the hard disc immedietly.Do no install or unstall any of the programs. This will prevent overwriting.Overwritting of files can hamper the recovery process. The following are the solutions in recovering data after the reinstallation of windows:

1. MinTool Power Recovery-This is a solution which is concise and efficient. It is green software that is developed by the MiniTool Solution Ltd.. This can be used to recoverdocumentsi.e.videos-mails, images and audios from a hard disc.It is commonly use under windows server 2003/2008/2012, windows 7/8/10.It is functional and it is harmless to the operating system. Moreover, it has a small size.
In starting the process of data recovery, the following are the steps to follow;

  • After entering the software, several options are availed. Choose the damaged partition recovery to recover the data
  • When the software corresponds automatically with the to the partition information, two buttons will open up. You need to choose the scan partition and search the data
  • Power recovery will now list the data which has been found. You can now select the right files and clicks save.

2. Jihosoft file recovery. This will help in scanning the windows hard drive to retrieve the data. The data recovery program supports the windows 7,windows 8,windows 2003 and windows 2000.The following are the steps when recovering data which is lost when reinstalling the windows:

  • Downloading and installing the jihosoft file recovery software.
  • Launching the software and choosing the option of formatted file recovery.
  • Selecting the drive from where the data is to de recovered and click the start to scan option.
  • Previewing to check the files you want to recover and click the recover menu.

3. EaseUS hard drive recovery system-It can recover data from Raw partition. The steps of recovery are as follows;

  • Launching the EaseUs data recovery Wizard and select the type of files you need to recover, and then click the Next button menu.
  • Select the disc where you lost your data and click scan
  • After scanning, preview the recovered data and click recover to get them back. You can now save them in another disc.